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Healthy, Safe and High Quality; Dost Mask!

While protecting ourselves, masks are the closest and most protective element. For this reason, it is important that masks are reliable as well as providing full protection. Masks produced within the borders of Turkey go through the production process with critical and sustainable inspections.

Quality is not a coincidence!

Dost Mask gets its quality from the fact that it is safe and healthy. All surgical and FFP2 masks are produced according to ISO quality standards. Dost masks, which will ensure that you are not straining correctly while breathing and that the particles are kept out, are produced untouched by hand. With the ÜTS program, you can easily observe the production process and aftermath of the product thanks to the tag of the masks.

The inclusion of masks in the Product Tracking System Project, with the rapid actions taken by the Ministry of Health, ensured that the recorded Turkish-made masks were reliable.

After downloading the ÜTS Program to your phone, you can read the barcode and access all the details of Dost Mask products.

Quality Dost Masks produced in Turkey have also been very popular in European countries where it has CE certificate.

As Dost Mask, we have reshaped the definition of healthy, safe and high quality masks.


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