ISO and CE Certified Mask

The most important factor in the masks that entered our lives with the coronavirus is trust. Various audits and earned certificates provide this trust.

ISO and CE certificates are quality certificates accepted around the world.

Dost Mask has passed all inspections completely and has been entitled to receive all quality certificates.

CE certification is a necessary criterion for products to exist in the European market. It has been registered that the products with the CE certificate are produced in a way that does not harm people, nature and animals.

This is how Dost Mask ensured the presence of Turkish-made FFP2 and surgical masks in the European market.

The ISO document, on the other hand, talks about making the management system right. As well as the production quality of the products, the production, distribution processes and operations must be done correctly.

Dost Mask has fulfilled all the requirements in this regard.

In order to have a mask with an understanding that pays attention to human health and comfort in all its steps, Dost Mask…


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