Transparent and Hygienic Production

Manufacturing is serious business.

Dost Mask has transferred the production experience of the Anka Group company, to which it is affiliated, to the production of masks.

The production process, which has passed all inspections and tests to which mask production is dependent, brings quality Turkish-made masks.

We fulfill our promise of transparent production by means of the tags of all production processes and products. Clear rules in the production process also support hygienic production.

The most important point of hygienic production is that we provide untouched production. We complete the production without human intervention in all processes such as sewing, logo printing, packaging.

Prints containing mask information on the front, which are mandatory in FFP2 masks, are used in respirable paints that do not cause problems while breathing.

Corporate logos are also printed with the same dyes.

Dost Mask redefines the production of transparent and hygienic masks.


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