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You Open the Mask Box First!

The pandemic, which has been experienced in the world since 2019, has reminded us of the hygiene rules again. The expression of contagion with the COVID-19 virus, which is still in effect, has an important place in our lives.

“Minimizing transmission slows the rate of spread of the virus.” This is a precautionary information we all know now.

Of course, the most important way of protection from viruses is mask. The coronavirus is transmitted mostly from the upper respiratory tract, and the most important factor preventing this spread is the use of masks.

In the light of these two information, the most important point that should be included in the hygiene rules with the pandemic is that the mask is clean. The use of a healthy mask is actually the most sensitive point to prevent the virus from entering the body.

Unfortunately, viruses that have the power to turn the world upside down cannot be seen with the naked eye. When viewed with the right sensitivity, masks are actually at the top of 'personal products'. Therefore, no one should touch your mask so that it is possible to use a fully hygienic mask.

Quality Dost Mask products protect you at the highest rate from viruses circulating in the air. But you should not use a mask that has been touched by someone you know or do not know is sick. In this case, the packaging as well as the masks should be designed correctly. Dost Mask Box designs were made in a way that prioritizes hygiene conditions and the use of healthy masks.

How is Dost Mask packaging safer?

  • Safety Tape

In ordinary masks, you cannot be sure that the box has not been opened before you! Safety tapes act as a seal that takes precautions that no one but you touches your masks until the mask reaches you. This band, which is positioned on the cover of Dost Mask packages, ensures that the masks reach you safely and healthily.

  • LOT Number and Date of Manufacture

The LOT Number is the tag of the masks. It allows you to follow up the entire production process in any situation. So at the same time, you need this information to guarantee that your masks are produced in hygienic environments from the production stage.

  • Window that Open from Top Side

If the mask boxes, which are the most reasonable packaging for both the manufacturer and the user, are not opened correctly, it will cause the masks to scatter and the hygiene chain to deteriorate. However, the top-opening window in Dost Mask boxes protects the hygiene chain and you. At the same time, the top-opening window in the box design prevents touching other masks while buying a mask, and supports the use of healthy masks.


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